My Mission

To use the skills, training and quarter of a century legal and judicial experience to serve my neighbors, in the County I have always been comitted to, as your Jefferson County Court Judge

Welcome to my website. I am among the fourth generation in my family to settle and raise my family in beautiful Jefferson County New York. I have worked my entire life to put myself in a position to attain the background and skills to be your Jefferson County Judge.

I am honored and humbled to be your candidate. The ability to apply the law, in a fair and equitable manner, using good judgement, are traits that a good judge needs. They are the traits I have honed in my experience living in Jefferson County, and practicing law here.

The perspective as a Jefferson County Assistant District attorney I gained 25 years ago, taught me more than the skills needed to excell in a criminal court. I learned firsthand the importance of protecting the public in the criminal justice system.

My experience as the Jefferson County Chief Public Defender, gave me balance, and helped me to appreciate that, for the system to function properly, even the most powerless people in our County need to be treated fairly.

Working 15 years as a local attorney, gave me insight into the day to day struggles of my neighbors, and my work representing 5 Towns and Villages in Jefferson County gave me a perspective of local government’s relationship to my neighbors in Jefferson County.

I understand the difficulties of paying taxes, and employing people in Jefferson County, because I have done it.

I also understand our unique outdoor way of life, and Constitutional rights to own firearms. As a hunter, NRA member, I live it, and as County Judge, in charge of pistol permits, I will make certain my neighbors Constitutional rights are upheld.

Lastly, my 7 years of experience as a sitting Judge of the Town of Watertown, and Acting City of Watertown Judge have given me the background to successfully apply my skills as your County Judge. I have presided over thousands of cases in Jefferson County fairly, and have never been appealed, or challenged.

Jefferson County is where I live. It’s where I pay taxes, shop, hunt, send my children to school, and where I will always be. It is a great honor to be your candidate for Jefferson County Judge, and I will remain true to the fair application of the law, using sound judgement for my neighbors as Jefferson County Judge.

Thank you,

renzi family

"I also understand our unique outdoor way of life, and Constitutional rights to own firearms. As a hunter, NRA member, I live it, and as County Judge, in charge of pistol permits, I will make certain my neighbors Constitutional rights are upheld."
"Steel Plate League" firearm club at Lucky Star Ranch
Judge Renzi in the woods teaching his boys about Jefferson County's way of life

Judge Renzi Will Run For County Court Judge

Press Release & Qualifications


Renzi, a Jefferson County native, has nearly 24 years of experience in all facets of the court:

  • More than three years in the Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office
    (April 1995 to July 1998)

  • Four years in the Jefferson County Public Defender’s Office, as chief public defender
    (July 1998 to July 2002)

  • Sixteen years at Brown, Dierdorf & Renzi, a private law practice in Watertown that he heads and where he’s assisted thousands of local residents and several municipalities with both civil and criminal matters.
    (September 2002 to present)

  • Five years as acting Watertown City Court Judge
    (April 2014 to present)

  • Seven years as Town of Watertown justice
    (January 2012 to present)

“Judge Kim Martusewicz has been a capable public servant for the past 20 years, and I thank him for his service to Jefferson County,” said Renzi. “I will be spending next 10 months talking to voters about my credentials and why I believe I’m best equipped to be their next county court judge.”

Renzi, 50, graduated from Watertown High School in 1987, received a bachelor of arts degree at Siena College, Loudonville, in 1991, and earned his juris doctorate from Syracuse University in 1994.

Renzi was appointed as commissioner on the New York State Joint Commission on Public Ethics in December 2011, a position he held until 2017.

He married the former Jessica Lynch in 2005 and the couple have three children. Jess, a former aide to Sen. Patty Ritchie, R-Heuvelton, is now director of commercial leasing for Washington Street Properties LLC.

Renzi is an avid outdoorsman and enjoys hunting, fishing, skiing and hiking. 

The candidate will seek the Republican line in the upcoming election for the 10-year term, and possibly others. If elected, the judge will preside over all criminal matters in Jefferson County as well as have ultimate review and authority over pistol permits issued here.

Retired Supreme Court Judge Hugh Gilbert and retired Watertown City Court Judge James Harberson have endorsed Renzi for the county court position.

“I’m proud to support David’s candidacy,” said Judge Gilbert. “I have known him and observed his work for many, many years. He has the temperament, experience and character and I know he is the right person to ensure fair outcomes as a Jefferson County Court judge.”

Added Judge Harberson: “David began his legal career prosecuting matters in my court nearly 25 years ago. He has excelled as a prosecutor, a defender and as a judge. He is the right person with the right experience and I am honored to give him my endorsement.”


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